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Healing Real People: Spirit, Soul & Body


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How Can the Rev. Dee Help?

"I've given you a powerful healing ministry." In a loud audible voice outside of her head, God spoke these seven words to her in January 2000: "I've given you a powerful healing ministry."


Prayer Request

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Connecting with People Through Healing Prayers 

Since 2000, thanks to God, no matter how great the trial, we keep moving forward. It's easy to make a difference. Just give from the heart.


Monthly Donation

If you feel moved by the spirit of the Lord to freely give to this cause-driven Broadcast Ministry, we would very much appreciate your support.  Set up your monthly donation.  It’s easy. And most certainly the outreach will make a critical impact to uplift people--in spirit, soul and/or body. Thank you in advance for helping to financially undergird this Powerful Healing Ministry.


Volunteer Your Time

Are you looking to volunteer your time? We need 42 fervent prayer partners to cover shifts by praying and fasting for one hour per day--to make supplication to Heaven on behalf of people who are Believing God for their Healing--Volunteer to intercede on behalf of all those who make prayer requests to the Rev. Dyonne Lewis Powerful Healing Ministry.  Set up your monthly donation, and volunteer to be a part of the Intercessory Prayer Team by Scheduling a Volunteer Discovery Call Now. Thank you in advance for making a difference in God's Kingdom Business.

Claim Your Free Gift

A beautiful white ceramic dove is our Free gift to you as one of our first 42 Monthly, Donation-Giving Prayer Partners.   We appreciate your dedication to Our Heavenly Father's Business. 


Update The Broadcast Ministry on God's Answer to Your Prayer Request

Would you recommend us to your friends?

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